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With our own specialists from Europe and our own Europese products we install complete installations with solar and we work together with local companies. Reliability and quality is paramount to low cost of generating solar power that can withstand the weather conditions of dust, high and low temperatures and wind. Our projects are located in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Iraq and Iran. Our team of professional, motivated and experienced people enables us to provide a solution best fitting to your situation – no matter the size. Our team of professional, motivated and experienced team enables us to provide a solution best fitting to your situation – no matter the size. Sales office: Marocco, Tanger Engineering office: Netherlands, Maasdijk TEL .EU (0031 174-200200) TEL. MA (00212 6 60775389)

EU Solar roof

Solar roof

Wattco is specialized in mounting solar systems on roofs. We have successfully completed more than 500 solar projects on divers types of roofs over the last years. Due to our experience and the ingenious design of our product we are capable of providing a fitting solution, also for the largest projects.

EU Solar field / farm

Solar field/ farm

A Solar farm can take many forms. The most common is the PV or photovoltaic solar farm that consists of hundreds or thousands of solar panels mounted on large racks in a field, pasture or desert parcel. We have successfully completed several solar farm projects in Europe.

Solar farms are optimally suited as a location for solar installations, providing many square meters of surface area and also sufficient space enabling us to place the installations in the most favorable position, - facing the sun. The mounting field systems are flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit any space and at the most optimal angle.

With the use of screw piles, concrete pads, driven piles and ballast, we always provide the best foundation for your situation.

EU Solar Greenhouses

Solar Green houses

Green houses can take many forms.  The most common is the PV or photovoltaic solar glass that is built from hundreds or thousands of solar panels mounted on large racks in a greenhouse, pasture or desert parcel.  We have made several solar greenhouses projects , including MW projects.



EU Solar tracker

Solar tracker

Our solar tracker field is a single-axis tracking system that excels in effectiveness. The system is in the most ideal stand all day in the sun and it delivers the maximum energy.


EU Solar Facade

Solar facade

Solar facade systems ensure harmonious integration of solar energy in building facades. The frameless solar panels enable standardized, trendsetting architecture designs to be implemented. Mounting the solar panels in the facade without frame is also one of our innovative solutions. It is possible to perform this in different colors according to the desire of the client. The panels also offer optimal protection from exposure to the weather, have a cooling effect for the building and a very beautiful sustainable appearance. Special forms are available on request. This technique is relatively new and often common for prestigious buildings.



EU Solar floating

Solar floating

Our innovative floating solar system Hydrelio© allows standard PV panels to be installed on large bodies of water such as drinking water reservoirs, quarry lakes, irrigation canals or remediation and tailing ponds.

A simple and affordable alternative to ground-mount solar systems, Hydrelio© floating solar farm is particularly suitable for energy and water-intensive industries who cannot afford to waste either land or water.  Wineries, dairy farms, fish farms, mining companies, wastewater treatment plants, irrigation districts and water agencies are all examples of organisations who benefit from the synergy that our system creates between sun and water.

The Hydrelio© technology has been put to the test and has a 20+ year lifetime. Since February 2011, we have been operating a pilot project in the south of France to come up with a simple and efficient design that is both affordable and high performing.

EU solar carports

Solar carports

Fast and easy to install without foundation, because the carport is equipped with its own ballast blocks which are easy to place on the ground. The width of the solar is maximum width of 2.95 meters per unit. The structure is made out of anodized aluminum profiles and steel joints handled by catachresis, and covered with powder coating.


EU smart grids

Smart grids

In the past years we have manufactured a diversity of smart grids with several other Dutch companies that can storage green energy if there is a surplus. The system can produce power with energy storages and energy sources when there is a high demand for energy or it can combine several energy sources with each other when there is an inadequate capacity of energy. The smart grid of Wattco Power can storage energy, it can independently control the supply of energy with several energy sources or it can storage cheap grey energy in a smart way. The smart grid is also capable of acting like a sustainable backup during a power failure.

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